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Chennai-based fashion photographer and actor Sunder Ramu is on a journey that he says is exciting as it is beautiful.


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Going to the club feels fake, and so I thought of going out on dates," says the ace photographer.

Since then, as Sunder puts it, he's been having some of the best times of his life.

Tim announced the club is planning on having the Lemon Aide Stand at the Western Welcome Week event on Saturday, Aug 16th. He needs more help so contact him if you can assist.

Dean informed the club that Don Nelson isn’t doing very well and probably will not be back to lunch. B-days to: Jim Helmick, Dick Laskey and John Vierthaler.The youngest women who took him out on a date was a 21-year-old, whereas his oldest date till now was a 105-year-old woman in a village near Pondicherry."I drove for ten hours, to and from her village, just to be with her," says Sunder, who hails from Bengaluru.The Andra Group 365 Ways To Kiss Your Love 365Kiss turns up the heat in your relationship with creative ideas on how to kiss your lover.Andra Group's 365 Ways To Kiss Your Love takes the mundane out of kissing and brings back the romance.When taking Nitro Genix 365 you are going to get many benefits as you will find out in just a bit. Do you want to have MORE ENERGY, MORE STAMINA AND MORE SEX APPEAL?