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PHOTOS: Celeb splits of 2015 The "Complicated" singer took to Instagram to share the sad news with fans.

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A source said: "They're hooking up but they're keeping it low-key." Despite trying to keep their romance out of the public eye, the couple recently enjoyed a dinner at Los Angeles restaurant Koi before heading to nearby nightspot Voyeur, where they amazed onlookers with their flirty behavior. Online: "You can tell they're into each other and both like to have a good time.They're cute together." Since splitting from Deryck - who she was married to for three years - Avril, 25, has been romantically linked with actor Wilmer Valderrama and oil heir Brandon Davis, but pals insisted she was just friends with both men."It is with heavy heartse that Chad and I announce our separation today," Lavigne wrote, alongside a smiling snapshot with her estranged husband."Through not only the marriage, but the music as well, we've created many unforgettable moments.A bizarre theory claiming that singer Avril Lavigne died and was replaced with a doppelgänger has been circulating online since the idea was first offered by the Portuguese-language blog “Avril Esta Morta” (Avril Is Dead) back in 2012; in October 2015, a reader asked: Since then, a ridiculous amount of “evidence” has surfaced to prove that the person currently posing as Avril Lavigne is an impostor. With no place to go, no place to go to dry her eyes. I apologize to people who believed that she was dead and feel disappointed about this revelation, but this was an exercise to teach to become more skeptical cand not believe everything you see!

Song lyrics were analyzed, photographs were examined, and soon the conspiracy theory was propagated by web sites such as Too bad I can’t post the link here because it certainly will get me banned LOL, but it’s a VERY VERY well built website, probably made by a die-hard fan of Avril Lavigne, and the author of the article scrutinized several details of her career to came to a conclusion that the Canadian singer hanged herself before the second album and was replaced by a doppelganger, who left several clues about the death of the original Avril, in the lyrics and covers of the next albums. I quoted the verses that highlight a possible suicide! It was never my intention to offend anyone, just to create a theory and test people’s reaction to it.One contestant was lucky enough to win a date last week and ran up to her match and wrapped her legs around him.’ It is believed Britain’s most tattooed man – born Matthew Whelan, but renamed King of Ink – is taking part.‘This will not be like any dating show in the history of dating shows.Round two sees the contestants put their clothes on, and then dress sense is described…In the final round the contestants give the contestant an opportunity to find out what their personalities are like,’ he explained. It is all about the science of attraction,’ he continued – adding he will strip for the show himself.Us Weekly was first to report that Lavigne and Kroeger were headed for a split last September. PHOTOS: Unlikely celebrity couples Meanwhile, in a strange overlap of timing, the songstress' ex-husband Whibley got married to his second wife, Ariana Cooper, this past weekend at the Hotel Bel Air in Calif.