Cute dating pet names

Hypocorisms can also include pet names or calling names, As evident from the above-mentioned examples, hypocorisms frequently demonstrate (indirectly) a phonological linguistic universal (or tendency) for high-pitched sounds to be used for smaller creatures and objects (here as more "cute" or less imposing names).Higher-pitched sounds are associated with smaller creatures because smaller creatures can only make such high frequency sounds given their smaller larynxes.

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For many of the hypocorisms listed below, a diminutive may be used (e.g.Do you and your guy love calling each other cute nicknames or pet names? Giving your boyfriend a nickname is a really great idea!Nicknames work great as terms of endearment and more so if they're for that special someone. Then it's only right that you have one for him too.If you have any such cute nicknames for boyfriends that you'd like to share with us, leave them in the comments section below.

), is an expression which is commonly used in a conversation with children.However, in many cases, such expressions can also be used to intimidate or humiliate.Examples of such expressions are "bye-byes", meaning sleep, and "ducky".Here are more than 50 cute nicknames for boyfriends you can select from.If you're confused as to which one exactly to settle down on, shortlist a few and then select amongst them.If you’re tired of using the same ones and want something new and creative to call him, we have the ultimate list of really cute nicknames for guys! Dancing Madman – Cool as a Madman, you know that ONE! Papa Smurf – Now this one is super infantile but really stylish. Judge – Judge, like a strong, loyal and law obeying citizen. Sleepwalker – This man looks like he is stoned all the time.