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"However, no one could tell the difference between myself and the cisgender guys that were also Big Red, so I started to take it as a compliment when people would call me 'he' while I was in the suit." In fact, he said that mascotting eventually helped him come out to his friends.Garcia plans to continue to photograph Miller into 2017, while Miller plans to schedule his top surgery this year and come out to his mother as trans.

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Choosing a packer or "packy" is a matter of personal preference, and more expensive doesn't necessarily mean better.Just as the real world does not often accept transgender people, online dating sites are quite similar, except with the added layer of being able to hide behind a computer screen while hurling insults, hatred, and misunderstanding.A lot of online dating sites do not even include "transgender male" or "transgender female" designation when you are setting up a profile.The character's gender neutrality didn't pressure him to adopt a male or female identity, while its persona reminded Miller to look on the bright side: "When you're so caught up in school, life, and adult stuff, it's great to portray this character that has no responsibilities other than to..the life of the party."Miller called mascotting the "perfect outlet" for him, especially at that point in his life, when he needed time for self-exploration."Most people assumed that Big Red was a boy, but it’s gender neutral," he told Garcia.Queer resource and website emerged from the Gay/Bi/Queer Transmen Working Group, a part of the Ontario Gay Men’s HIV Prevention Strategy.