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A typical team's practice structure does not adequately provide individual instruction.Ideally, there should be some focus on the development of the individuals skills required to play the game at the minor level through measuring and providing positive individual skill development and not by wins and loss records.

Kids will be engaged and participate in the play more often on a smaller surface, resulting in more shots.The smaller ice surface will also teach players to react more quickly and continually move their feet.If I asked you to tell me your favorite 3 words, do you know what they would be, or would this be a “I’ll get back you you” situation?I certainly don’t have three favorite words – who does?Even though I don’t know the actual number (), I am going to say that the vast majority of people with computers and internet access don’t even read blogs. and your opinion probably isn’t going to be objective (‘ and guess what? In the 1,703 days since then, that article has had a whopping grand total of 2,351 page views.

I haven’t done any “official” research but I’m feeling pretty safe with that statement. Those aren’t ‘WOW’ numbers, so like I said, nobody read that post.

A sentence without any adjectives seems stiff and dull.

When a message is void of this word type, the audience is more likely to respond indifferently because the writer or speaker is conveying a vague idea.

Legal action is generally reserved for those who have damaged the copyright holder or have received a benefit that should rightly belong to the image owner.

The majority though can be rectified with little more than a letter asking for removal of the infringing work.

Skill Development It takes 10,000 hours or 10,000 repetitions to master a skill.