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In the 840s, when Edom rebelled against King Jehoram of Judah, the Philistines and the Arabians also invaded Jerusalem (2 Kings –22; 2 Chronicles –17).

While 2 Chronicles does not indicate the Edomites’ participation in the invasion, Obadiah –14 pictures the violent behavior that the Edomites carried out on their neighbors, waiting on nearby roads to cut down those fleeing from the invaders within Jerusalem.

Dating the book of Obadiah accurately is nearly impossible due to the scant historical information contained in the book.While several options have been proposed by scholars, the best argument places Obadiah in the 840s BC, making him the earliest writing prophet, a few years prior to Joel, and a contemporary of Elisha.Hosted by the iconic Ministry of Sound, experience a unique club night like no other alongside some of the resort’s most famous rides which stay open exclusively for thrill-seeking clubbers.Expect nonstop floor fillers and big room dance anthems, as Ministry of Sound DJs playing the latest tracks until 3am.Therefore, while twelve other men named Obadiah appear in Scripture, Old Testament scholars cannot identify with certainty any of them as the author of this book.

Though the ultimate identity of this prophet is shrouded in mystery, Obadiah’s emphasis on Jerusalem throughout this prophecy of judgment on the foreign nation of Edom, allows us at least to presume that Obadiah came from somewhere near the holy city in the southern kingdom of Judah. Most men today use the award-winning Magic Bullets Handbook, which has been translated into dozens of languages around the world and is the subject of more than one TV show.Still, played an important role in the development of the Love Systems community.Visit thorpepark.com/election to get your £20 ticket when you register to vote! Download the official THORPE PARK Resort App to get the most out of your visit to the Island!The ultimate ride and club nights at THORPE PARK Resort for 2017.The biggest piece of evidence for this early date comes from Obadiah –14, which indicates an Edomite invasion of Jerusalem.