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seems to change more often than Katy Perry’s hair color.

Lately, however, this adorable couple has been in perfect harmony — so much so, in fact, that Finn even PROPOSED in Season 3, Episode 10, “Yes/No.” We won’t find out her answer until ’s Michael Jackson episode on January 31.

“Puck really thinks he can be in that baby's life and be Shelby's man,” Salling says.

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), but it’s not until the “Run, Joey, Run” debacle that Rachel and Jessie start to fall apart.

And when the guy you’re competing with decides to throw eggs at the girl you’re both fighting for — you tend to look pretty good by comparison.

Puck pretended to be hurt and hugged Rachel to his chest, kissing her lips in the process."Hold up Berry! It a pretty good idea and no one could distract them. Rachel, annoyed at this point, rolled her eyes at her ex-boyfriend. And if Noah and I are intimate, why is it any of your concern.

" Puck teased the petite girl that he was in love with (if you asked him, he would deny it). "No, just the guy that thinks I'm still in love with him." Rachel said sarcastically. He mentally high-five himself for that amazing idea. Just a few weeks ago Finn told Puck to stay away from Rachel, being complete oblivious to the fact that the two were dating. Finn was speechless until a few words came out of his mouth.

but I'm not really sure XDIt was just a thought I had.

If anyone's heard elsewise, or has other ideas, feel free to say them! XD;; oops fail..) well i don't think they'll fake a relationship just to get Finn and Quinn to break up, not after how Rachel supported Quinn with the whole baby thing.

" she bit her lip."We invited 'em, give 'em some beer and have some fun in your bedroom while everyone is downstairs drinking." Puck thought aloud. " the two teenagers looked up to see Finn Hudson, standing in the choir room with an angry expression.

He was like a fucking steel wall, nothing hurt him.

“I think those kind of serious feelings can manifest in a few different ways -- or maybe she's trying to get another baby.

Quinn’s wanted Beth so badly that she may just try to have another one.” STORY: ‘Glee’: Jonathan Groff Returns, Another New Directions Defector and More Spoilers Which could ’s “I Kissed A Girl” episode, in which Puck is seen embracing what appears to be a depressed Quinn in bed, preparing to tell her something she “must keep a secret.” “Quinn is dealing with a lot, seeing her baby right in her face,” Salling says, adding that Puck may have to confide in her that he’s undone her work and come clean to Shelby.

I mean, Puck doesn't want to be completely kicked out from his kid's life but with Finn there it's pretty hard to do anything, and Rachel's obsessed with Finn.