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The urge to change the world is normally thwarted by a near-insurmountable barricade of obstacles: failure of imagination, failure of courage, bad governments, bad planning, incompetence, corruption, fecklessness, the laws of nations, the laws of physics, the weight of history, inertia of all sorts, psychological unsuitability on the part of the would-be changer, the resistance of people who would lose from the change, the resistance of people who would benefit from it, the seduction of activities other than world-changing, lack of practical knowledge, lack of political skill, and lack of money.Lack of money is a stubborn obstacle, but not as hopelessly unyielding as some of the others, and so would-be world-changers often set out to overcome it.

Teresa discovered the newborn laying on an alcove floor of their church, they have prayed that the abandoned child would not grow up alone.The nuns named him Pietro, or Peter, after the apostle Peter, whose name came from the Greek word for rock.Ford’s grant-makers are employed “for the general purpose of advancing human welfare,” so their work requires determining what human welfare consists of and how best to advance it.This being no simple matter, they spend a great deal of time on it and frequently revise their conclusions.It can be a modern update to that concept or a riff on it, but this will not be a list of truffle or bison burgers. When I say I'm looking for the greatest burger in the country, quite obviously I mean, according to my tastes. So let's get all this out in the open: I like all hamburgers, but I lean towards diner-style griddled patties with American cheese and grilled onions. But look, here's me holding a burger and looking uncomfortable: After each city, I shall write about what I've discovered, be it through a ranking of the burgers I tried, or a profile of one particular burger joint or chef I fell in love with.

Once I've been to all the cities (and had, um, 300-plus burgers), I will unveil what I've found in a gigantic national ranking of the top 100 and name what I believe to be the best burger in the country, possibly while setting off many legally purchased fireworks.Find your match next door We should confess that often it is quite hard to meet people who would share common interests or goals with you, and while being close to you geographically.As a rule, such singles would seek some help on dating sites with a broad geography, without considering all those difficulties they may run across during their communication with the people from other regions and countries.Of course, even with money, changing the world is difficult.The grant-makers know that many of their ideas will not work, and that even those which do will only go so far, because of all the other obstacles.And somehow, instead of laughing at me, he asked me to come back with a more comprehensive plan. The plan is simple: I'm traveling to 30 cities (or, in some cases, regions) across the country, and eating eight to 14 of the best burgers in and around those cities.