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She was so fair and white she looked like a ball of white icecream which I wanted to like from head to toe. I said-Bhabhi,please stop or I will commit some accident.Rani Aunty was also beautiful but since I was much interested in mature women, I didn’t pay more attention to her. I said-Bhabhi, Bhaiya is not here and will come after around 5 months,do you remember bhaiya a lot na. She immediately placed her hand on my cock from the backside and began to rub it. She said-First tell me ,are you ready to give this to me or not?She used to narrate the whole episode to my mother. She said-But sometimes slow and steady wins the race. When we reached there, Bhabhi immediately began to hug me and I also responeded. Its was a golden opportunity for me to fuck her so I agreed that in the pretext of study, I will be at her home at night and we will finish the unfinished business.

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This also a true incident which happened after I posted my first story. SEXYMALE: like i will take ur face…nm thrust my cock SEXYMALE: n ask u to lick it DIVYA: kkk DIVYA: now stop everything DIVYA: see wat i have observed over all from ur all answers DIVYA: and which i liked too SEXYMALE: okkk DIVYA: u love to pampler gal befor taking to…

I heartily thank the webmasters without whom I would not have had my second sexual experience. Show Recent Messages (F3) SEXYMALE: m soft initially SEXYMALE: bt then become wild as the action increases DIVYA: kk DIVYA: to u mind wats girl for u SEXYMALE: n r u soft or wild ?

For at der ikke er nogen der fr sjove ideer, og for at der ikke skal vre mistanke om at der foregr andet end massage i klinikken, er der kun gardiner p to sider, men dog skrmet af ud mod gaden. 52 79 93 10 eller man kan bare komme ind fra gaden.

Hvis gardinet er trukket for er der en behandling i gang, men man kan godt komme ind og hre om massren har tid alligevel.

Bhabhi was around 30yrs old and had a proportionate figure, I mean everything was in order and so was the mother-in-law but a bit plumper than her.

I saw them both are the reception party and instantly got attracted to them especially to Kamala Aunty. She was rubbing my cock hard and I was fully aroused.

DIVYA: to ur mind wats girl for u SEXYMALE: girl is a beautiful thing…friend…. babe.anita4u: u see a magazine out there in the hall Ramu Raj: i am not in hurry u can change and come madam Ramu Raj: i stand and look at the magazine babe.anita4u: and u see my pic in bra and panty Ramu Raj: hmmmmm Ramu Raj: i gentle lift that up Ramu Raj: and…

babe.anita4u: hey hunk Ramu Raj: hiiiiiiiii Ramu Raj: how r u dear??

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