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But one thing is for sure, you should be as cautious about the online dating process in Thailand as you would in your own country.

You should make sure you’re well informed before you start out, not just about the types of women you’re likely to come across, but also the size of membership, cost and service of each site. I’ve met many western guys who met their partner on Thai dating sites, and highly recommend this avenue over nightclubs, bars and introductions, which often turn into a nightmare.

Under re-examination by Kate Blackwell QC, prosecuting, the jury were told the contents of some of the Whats App messages exchanged between Johnson and his accuser.

Johnson told her that he wanted to meet up specially to give her a signed Sunderland shirt rather than at a football match, saying that he would "prefer no one to see".

It came as the court heard that the schoolgirl's mother was friends with a relative of Johnson and that she had organised for Johnson to sign a football for the girl for her 15th birthday, on November 19, 2014.

This was just under two months before their first meeting.

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I thought I would share with you guys a little about my experience.