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After validating the credentials It enters into Add Student page , I used Dyna Action Form insted of Action Forms . login Form ---public Action Forward execute(Action Mapping mapping, Action Form form, Http Servlet Request request, Http Servlet Response response) throws Exception { Action Errors errors = new Action Errors(); Action Forward forward = new Action Forward(); Dyna Action Form login Form = (Dyna Action Form)form; String un = (String)login Form.get("username"); String pass = (String)login Form.get("password"); println(" == User Name and Password ====" un "==" pass);------------ username and passwords are Properties of login Form which is Dyna Action Form .Hi ranchers, Iam using Validator framework, in one of the form, I have a List which contains Lastname,firstname etc, here I need to to validate these fields.. Thanks in advance, RRI wouldn't be able to tell is your code is correct or not without also seeing your Action Form bean, the relevant portion of your file, and the relevant portion of the JSP.The “validator-rules.xml” file contains all the generic validator name, you can get this file in the Struts distribution library, (Do not create this file yourself).

The submit action, when it succeeds, then rebuilds the view object from the form data and submits it to the service/domain layer via a 'store' operation.

Note that there is no custom action to populate the form bean; form data is pulled by the JSP page for editting just as for display.

An user Form bean, email property, and attach the “required” and “email” validator to the email property. username.length = Username length should be between and . The validation codes are descriptive enough to know how it work, if you want to know details, and also other available validators , please check the reference website below.

The “required” validator will make sure the filed is not blank, and “email” validator is used to check the correct email format. username.invalid = Username is invalid , it should be a-z, A-Z, 0-9, dash "-" or underscore "_". pwd.length = Password length should be between and .

and How you can retrive the value which is set in the JSP Page in case of Dyna Action Form ? What is the Difference between Dispatch Action and Lookup Dispatch Action ? How to create a multiple selections list in Struts?

What is the Benefits of Using the Validator framework in struts ? Here's the problem: I generally have a JSP for capturing new data, which will use a Dyna Action Form to manage the form inputs through multiple edit-validate cycles until the form data is accepted and committed to the database.For display of existing data, a different JSP is used which 'pulls' the data in (using a custom tag or by instantiating a bean). The page renders the data as pulled from the database. I developed one application which , admin enters login username and passwords .These credentials will be checked through database using Hibernate .For the sake of simplicity, assume this 'pull' step puts a POJO bean into some scope (request usually); call this the view object.