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There are many different ways a user might input a phone number.

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The code: I finally figured it out, The problem was the number in the last curly bracket should be 4 not 3.

I know it shows four in my post here but in the web page I noticed 3 and that should have been four. Hey Dan, what I did was added and example of how the number should be enter, this is near the input field and will give user the hint as to how they should enter the number.

First, you define all accepted formats in an array.

In the validation function, you check to see if the phone number being passed is any of the accept formats.

This not only creates a standardized string that can be later used in a comparison or stored in a database, but also ensures that the data that is received on the server end contains only the expected data.

This is important because most website attacks are caused by accepting user input blindly.Whole countries come and go, introducing new country prefixes.New classifications of numbers introduce new numbering systems – premium-rate, local-rate, toll-free, and so on.I was created a form earlier today, when I had to add Phone Number validation to the existing validation.This form already included email validation, but I decided to go over it as well.I tried this code, but if i type at least one number to my string then string will be valid.