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By March 2009, their combined stake in the team went up to 12%.

The two admitted to be dating even when Raj is married to Kavita.

They've been meeting a lot more lately, at the matches of the team owned by the Kundras.Since the relationship is still new, neither wants to come out and talk about it openly." When Harman sprained his ankle while shooting an action scene for Shilpa's film, Shamita was by his side the whole time.The love story is fresh and they have started seeing one another just few months ago.Harman is very close to Shilpa and Raj and he is starring in a film produced by them.Kavita has been quoted as saying, "My husband's obsession with Shilpa Shetty has broken up our marriage." The Daily Mail story reports elaborate details about how Raj split from Kavita last November, weeks after their daughter Deleena was born on September 9.

The story adds that Kavita went to stay with her parents in the Midlands but when Raj returned to the UK after a visit to Mumbai, he sent her a series of terse text messages. Kavita is reported to have said that the subsequent messages were even more cruel: "He made it clear that he considered our relationship was over and didn't want to work on repairing our three-year marriage." Kavita has gone on to lament that Raj was always enamoured by Bollywood and had a fling with another actress last year.A source close to the couple says, "They've just started dating; it's only been a few months.They first met over a year ago, when Harman was in talks to star in Shilpa's home production.In March 2008 rumors began to spread that Kundra and Shetty were now engaged.In August 09, Shetty said she thinks her faith in karma, and believes her husband-to-be jewellery tycoon Kundra must have been part of her previous life.Tomorrow if I shoot for an episode and wear a bridal outfit, they’ll declare my wedding also.