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For most of its history, Russian architecture has been predominantly religious.Russia's most characteristic architectural feature is its onion-domed churches, which evolved when the wooden churches of the north were translated into brick and colourful tilework.

This is to reflect that the Russian narrative of anti-gay oppression and violence has followed no straightforward passage either, and cannot be thought of in terms of recent history alone.A Moscow gay club was the subject of a gas attack by unknown assailants in November.Across the vast land of Russia are scattered a numerous number of large cities and small towns where legendary buildings are dating back from the long past.Although much of the invaluable property of the country has been lost, there still remain more than forty thousand officially-recorded historic sites. Let us remind you about the gift order list which has been updated and is now perfect for Mother's Day gifting coming this Sunday, May 14 2017 — or anytime, really! Each Spring the Christians of all the world celebrate the most important event – the Easter Day.

It represents the victory of life over death, and the victory of soul over the flesh.

In the following Pink News catalogue of anti-gay stories in Russia, we take yet another look at some of the most shocking events to date, from the newspaper editor fined for printing “being gay is normal” this year, to the earliest incidents covered by this site, such as when the gay rights activist Peter Tatchell was punched in the face at a 2007 pride parade.

The stories come in no particular order however, neither chronological nor hierarchical.

These historic places vividly demonstrate architectural talents of Russians.

The historic, architectural and artistic heritage is the glory and pride of Russia.

Tickets The Art of Novgorod the Great in the Time of Prelate Macarius 27 april—1 august 2017 The XVIth century in Novgorod’s art history is a time of true rise but it still has never been an object of a special exhibition project and shown as a whole artistic phenomenon.