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Physician Surrenders License and Sentenced to Probation MAY 22 (PHOENIX, Ariz.) The DEA announced the sentencing of Dale Thomas Ratcliffe, a former Doctor of Osteopathy, to 5 years’ probation and the surrender of his medical license, after Ratcliffe was indicted on multiple federal charges earlier this year.

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Prescriptions for controlled substances expire after 30 days too, in NYS. They do have to input into the system the date when the prescription was issued (to ensure that the prescription falls within the 30-day window), and the computer should tell them they are trying to enter a date that's in the future.

Doctors can get in trouble if someone tries to fill a postdated script. Actually a good system, should not even allow them to pick those dates as an added security, but I guess some mom & pop stores might not even use a computer so who knows.

The experience of patients, medical professionals and research has revealed that cannabis can safely treat a remarkably broad range of medical conditions, often more effectively than conventional pharmaceutical drugs.

For some of the most difficult to treat conditions, such as multiple sclerosis and neuropathic pain, cannabis often works when nothing else does.

Federal regulations have always required that all prescriptions for controlled substances "be dated as of, and signed on, the day when issued." .05(a).

I'm not sure all docs are willing to do this No, it is not legal (actually specifically illegal for controlled substances) but some doctors will still do it, at least in NYS. This should not be even remotely possible, unless you get a pharmacy clerk that is really,really bad at his job (but then it is just as likely you will find a strong sedative instead of adderall in your bottle).

Would the Pharmacy still fill the prescription even though the script is dated for a saturday? Post dated scripts are illegal though unless they are written with the day they are writtens date and say "do not fill until...

(the post date)" To write a future date only is illegal.

As of July 2014, 23 states and the District of Columbia have laws allowing its use under a doctor’s supervision, and cannabis or a dose-controlled whole-plant extract of it is available by prescription in 11 countries and approved for 13 more.