Estate liquidating

For example, they do not make sense for fixed assets, such as real estate, or depreciable assets, such as machinery.There are also a number of scams that call themselves "self-liquidating loans".

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Businesses are best known to liquidate assets as a part of bankruptcy procedure, but the process can also be used by businesses to free up cash, even in the absence of financial hardship.

The Great Estate Sale has been professionally selling house contents and conducting estate sales for over two decades.

How can you protect what you own if you don’t know what it is worth? ) appraisal is a legal document as important as a will and is the only way to accurately value and describe the property.

A properly prepared appraisal by an accredited appraiser will clarify questions of property value in any circumstances.Most sale clients don't want the responsibility of marketing the sale and they certainly don't want the cleanup and disposal of unsold and unwanted items after the sale is complete.We can come into your house and carefully sort, clear, appraise, price and stage your homes contents without the headaches and worries associated with most liquidations of household property.In any case we can smooth the process and make it as trouble free as possible.We have consistently added to and expanded our services to meet the growing requirements of the gaining population and we have learned from out clients that "one stop shopping" with attention to detail is important to them.The revenue generated from selling that inventory would be used to repay the loan.