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When my children were growing up there were some hard times, but things became better as time progress. i can't even begin to explain the rush of feelings i experienced. i get my grandchildren on a regular basis, every other weekend. Best thing that has ever happened to besides the birth of my children. Each and every day with them is like receiving a special gift. It's with joy and sadness that his is living with us in our home. They became pregnant with him when they were only 18. i was able to be in the room when my first grand daughter was born. It irks me when people act like I should be sad about the fact I am old enough to be a grandmother. NOW TODAY I AM PROUD TO SAY I AM A GRANDMOTHER OF FOUR CHILDREN. lol She weighted 3 lbs 13 ozs and was 17 inches long. I love her so much, everytime she see's me she starts smiling the minute I walk in the room. I keep up w/my daughter through facebook and get to see pix of my granddaughter only when my daugter decides to post a pic of her and... I am 47 not too young but in the real of grand motherhood I kind of am. An almost 4 year old that I look after 3 days a week and have a very close and wonderful time with. I have been blessed with 8 great, and wonderful grandchildren.

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My youngest dropped a time bomb on me last year and told me she was pregnant. One can only be a grandparent if your daughter in law lets you. Many men will not stand up for their own families and it gives their wives even more power to disrespect their husbands family. Tuesday night in the front seat of her parents Jeep. Lots of segments to my Christmas, but the best experience I had--was seeing my little granddaughter! Big huge keys that have a "learning mode" section to sing the color of the key. My 19 year old was diagnosis with by-polar when she was 16 years old life with her was very hard. Ages range from 5 years old and downwards and they're all well behaved and pretty bright.... Well when you marry someone who has children older than yours, it is hard to feel you know your place. She was diagnosed as being bi-polar about four years ago, but really she has gone from one bad situation to another since a very young age. The waiter was a little bit taken back because he couldn't understand her babbles. A grand total of just 3 grandaughters and 3 totally different experiences. I have other grandkids but I miss the ones in Mt because we were always doing things together.

There are many self centered young people on Earth. I have 2 beautiful girls my oldest being 24 and my youngest 19. My daughter has all girls, with another one one the way, which is pretty amazing to me... I am the wife to my husband but who am I to my step-child? Now, in a more "quiet time" of my life, I enjoy my grandchildren I am the grandmother of a wonderful just turned thirteen year old, his mother has been a nightmare all of her life. She is 14 mos old and fascinated the adults, addressedby the waiter, she placed her order, asked questions, and went on and on. My grandchild is wonderful, she was born five weeks early and has a few difficulties, she will need an... I havenr seen my Grandsons since Iand really do miss them. His parents are great and the daycare he attends is wonderful. I am afraid he may be manipulating me a little now though. He is cutting his molars right now and needs extra cuddling. I wouldn't be any younger if I wasn't a grandmother? Cliccando o navigando sul sito, acconsenti alla raccolta da parte nostra di informazioni su Facebook e fuori da Facebook tramite i cookie.Scopri di piĆ¹ anche sulle opzioni di scelta disponibili: Normativa sui cookie."He told me I had to move out," she recalls, "so he could move his girlfriend in." Donna didn't think there could be a third chance at love.The 52-year-old grandmother of one moved to Seattle resigned to forget about romance and seek contentment in the company of family and friends.Become a free member and start enjoying more oldsex today!