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This tutorial will help you to add more functionality to your forms that leads to better user experience and better website quality.

You may also enhance your already existing forms with adding some fancy effects that are presented in this tutorial. Info: If you’d like to modify your existing forms, skip the HTML and CSS sections of this tutorial and go ahead to step number five.

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Proper validation of form data is important to protect your form from hackers and spammers! This array holds key/value pairs, where keys are the names of the form controls and values are the input data from the user. These are superglobals, which means that they are always accessible, regardless of scope - and you can access them from any function, class or file without having to do anything special.

$_GET is an array of variables passed to the current script via the URL parameters.

* Programmer defined client and server validation functions.

- Highlight invalid fields rendering them distinct CSS styles - Security attack prevention by optionally discarding invalid values passed in fields that could not be edited by users but may be spoofed by attackers.

- Keyboard navigation support: * Attachment of labels with activation keys to each form field. - Built-in server side (PHP based) and client side (Javascript 1.0 or better) field validation for: * E-mail address * Credit card numbers (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Carte Blanche, en Route, JCB, any of these or even determined by a select field). * Field different from another (useful for reminder fields that must not be equal to the actual password).

* As set (for check boxes, radio buttons and select multiple fields). * As floating point number (with range limitation).I’m sure that you have already seen a lots of different forms and you already noted that filling in some of them was much more convinient than filling in other ones.By and large, good ones were enhanced with additional scripts.Each field in the form can have zero one or more validations. More info & downloads where Do My Validation One() and Do My Validation Two() are custom functions for validation.For example, you can have an input field that should not be empty, should be less than 25 chars and should be alpha-numeric. In some dynamically programmed pages, it may be required to change the validations in the form at run time.Class that generates HTML forms supporting: - Multiple inputs may be interconnected in such way that client side events that occur on one input can trigger actions on the context of other inputs.